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5. Slowly changing skin

The houses in the 7 macuti bairros are undergoing continuous transformations. The aims of many people today is to change the walls built of organic material into sandcrete block walls. Many houses have a core made of sticks bound to … Continue reading

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4. Beach Bars, Culture and Heritage

1. “So you are working with the conservation office. How could you allow the barracas* (*type of precarious structure used for sales) to be built on the beach here??” Eh… I don’t really make the decisions even if I am affiliated … Continue reading

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3. Fortaleza São Sebastião

The Fortress of San Sebastian is focus for the restoration and conservation efforts championed by UNESCO in Ilha de Moçambique. The fortress was constructed on the northernmost tip of the island to protect the Portuguese trading settlement founded in 1507 … Continue reading

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2. A mudhut in a warehouse, a kiosk on a staircase

Since the whole of Ilha de Moçambique is UNESCO World Heritage, one is theoretically not supposed to build new structures without permission from the conservation authorities. Space on the island is precious, both in the old stone buildings of what … Continue reading

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1. Arrival: Rainy season

It is rainy season. 1.1 I arrived in Ilha just in time to gatecrash the event of the year – or maybe rather the event of the decade and the first one of its kind since the war. The wedding … Continue reading

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