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28. À propos the Grande Hotel, Beira

The world outside Mozambique may not be completely aware of the great architectural treasures from the 1960s in Beira, but one building is gaining increasing fame in architectural circles and ‘the development set’ alike, as a very special phenomena: The … Continue reading

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25. Looking for Huts in Palaces

The macutiblog was in Lisbon this summer, looking for macuti houses. That is – I have been looking for documentation about vernacular and popular housing as part of the detective work searching for the quite recent history of urban development … Continue reading

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24. The Straw Hut Sculpture Park

The following was written almost a year ago in a peaceful park full of straw hut sculptures in Dar-es-Salaam. I was planning to pursue the sketchy observations with a more academic pursuit of how widespread the concept of straw hut … Continue reading

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23. The Washing-Up Phantom, Bairro Litine

Behind the “The Mosque of the Comorians” in the middle of Litine, is a house which is striking in its elaborate window sills and facade design. It conveys the curious feeling you have to get used to in Ilha, of … Continue reading

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22. The Dance Club, Bairro Areal

1. The Ruin One of the first houses you notice when you pass through the bairro of Areal in Ilha de Moçambique, whether you are walking by foot inside the bairro or driving on the street dividing Areal and Litine, … Continue reading

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20. African Liberation Heritage Sites

As mentioned briefly in the entry about the FRELIMO office in Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania was host to the liberation movements from many of the neighbouring countries not yet independent in the 1960s. In fact, heritage sites of the liberation struggle of … Continue reading

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19. Moz heritage in Dar

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18. Participation – mapping urban heritage

During my stay in Ilha I am working with the Conservation Office improve heritage management in the 7 bairros making up the “macuti town”. There is currently quite a lot of confustion as to how to treat this part of … Continue reading

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17. Cabaceira Grande at high tide

A picture postcard

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14. “The walls have become plants…”

A wall in Ilha has to be dismantled in order to remove the tree which lives in it. This made me think of what Professor Carrilho wrote about the moment in time when the historic city centre was abandoned, before … Continue reading

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