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21. Palm trees and red leaves

We have gone to visit coconut plantations in Sanculo and Cabaceira where the macuti roofing tiles are made. Bounamate Surviro lives with his seven wives on the plantation in Mussengere, Sanculo and sells the macuti in Ilha.

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18. Participation – mapping urban heritage

During my stay in Ilha I am working with the Conservation Office improve heritage management in the 7 bairros making up the “macuti town”. There is currently quite a lot of confustion as to how to treat this part of … Continue reading

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16. Brochure

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15. ‘Ostalgie’ on The Other Side – Zanzibar part 2

Just outside Zanzibar Stone Town, the apartment blocks of Michenzani greet you with the old promise of a brave new world, of a new people inhabiting a new society in a new revolutionary country. 

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11. Beauty contest

Noticing how quickly the macuti and pau a pique houses are disappearing, Fefé and I decided to make a quick registration of the houses which are left and document the more interesting specimen in more detail for the future. Here … Continue reading

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10. … One Two Three Gone!

I have not understood how quickly the macuti (palm frond roof) houses are disappearing just now at this moment. I first started walking around the different neighbourhoods in Ilha in March. Already at this time Hafiz and Fefé who were accompanying me called … Continue reading

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5. Slowly changing skin

The houses in the 7 macuti bairros are undergoing continuous transformations. The aims of many people today is to change the walls built of organic material into sandcrete block walls. Many houses have a core made of sticks bound to … Continue reading

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